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Dogs in the Snow

Watching the face of dog meeting dog in a snow covered place

Is a different type of entertainment.

Already excited at the cold of the snow

The dogs’ minds go to overdrive as they come face to face.


There is of course the typical enjoyment of staking their claim

Only to be followed by the claims of the next

And of course the sniffing and lifting of ears

As their interest in the other each dog now proclaims.


If they are allowed to romp free you have a whole new sight.

Snow flying left and right

As the dogs bow and take flight

Racing around in an intricate pattern of joy and delight.


Of course it is easy to follow their tracks

Even if they take off out of your view

Because the snow marks their trail to the end,

Eventually finding them reclining on their stomachs.


That is the thing about snow.

The more you play, the faster your energy goes.

It is a lesson dogs don’t get, but then that is grand

Because if they get hyper, outside is the place to go.

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A Quite Walk in a Winter World

Nothing quite compares to a dog walk in the snow.

Once the day is all done and you’ve no chores left to do

No obligations or tasks to occupy your time

That is when this walk is perfect, as you should know

People stay in so you can go out and perhaps it’s only you

And your dog trekking through cold, no reason or rhyme.


The crunch of snow under your boots,

The way the snow absorbs each of your steps,

It’s relaxing although more work than a usual walk.

The world blanketed in snow, the trees with white fruits.

Occasionally you can only move with short little leaps

Over snow banks, snow flying like powdered chalk.


Silently strolling by your side is your best friend.

Tail up and wagging, tongue lolling and lapping at flakes

The carefree bounce as you progress along the street.

Time slows and you wish it would never end.

It is a time for peace and reflection, a bit of privacy for your sake,

And it is rare that other passersby you’ll meet.


Together you and your dog walk an old familiar path

Made new and intriguing by the winter season

The only time the world takes on such an unusual appearance.

A world devoid of pain, fear, and wrath,

It is beauty and stillness a world of strange reason.

In this moment you experience a unique kind of balance.

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Weather of Youth

There’s nothing like snow to make an old dog act young.

It’s almost as if it rains from the fountain of youth.

If you have any doubts find an old boy for your proof.


An old black lab who tends to sleep all day

Finally finds energy to bounce and to play.

Tail raised, ears up, and bouncy, what more can I say?


The mutt who prefers to keep to a single warm spot

Finds that the snow is a perfect reprieve

So much so you might think your eyes have deceived.


The Dalmatian who took to filling up your couch

No longer wishes to be trapped where she’s been.

Open the door and watch her youth return again.


The husky who’s been content just to snore

Finds that life is now too much of a bore.

All you need to is to open that door!


With a new spring to their step, their joints not quite so stiff

It’s the best gift that you could hope to see

As your best friend plays nearly age-free.

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Flying Free

The look of a dog out for a run in the snow

Is one of the most memorable things you will see.

The way his ears fly up as he leaps

Dashing through a white, snowy sea,

Front paws extended as far as they can go.


Superdog is the word you would use to describe the sight.

Watching your dog bunch up his legs and spring forward

Snow flying in all directions, a look of happiness clearly expressed

It’s like peace has been completely restored

As your dog races forward to take flight.


If you can capture this moment with a lucky shot

The way your dog looks, entirely unshackled and free,

Charging ahead into a world of white delight

Tongue lolling out, eyes wildly twinkling on this spree

Of pure joy, a moment you will be glad you caught.

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Snow Attack!

Out there are dogs who have decided that snow is the foe.

Once this decision is reached you can’t tell them what’s what

Because at this point the dog’s made his mind up.

All you can do is sit idly by and hope that it will end soon

But knowing these dogs it can go from nine until well passed noon.


Who knows what they were thinking when deciding snow was so bad.

It’s not like at first there was any experience to teach up that lesson

Unless they feel like the snow makes an odd type of prison,

Trying to force the dog to stay indie of the door

But he won’t have that. Time to even the score!


Whatever the thought, it can be amusing to watch.

Snarling and barking the dog takes off to the outside

Baring his teeth and yapping instead of running to hide.

The next thing you know the dog is coated with the stuff

Regardless of the cold, he still acts so tough.


Then he goes in to finish the snow off.

Jaws open wide his mouth shutting around on a pile

Yes, this part can go on for a while.

At some point you’ll have to step in to extract him from his prey

After all you’ve other things to do with the day.

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For Love of the Winter

There are dogs who think that snow is the best.

They love it so much, even when it comes up to the chest.

There is nothing like snow to make them act like pups

And keep control, well with snow you should simply give up.

Cause that is when a certain dog really shines,

Reaching a point where there are no more lines.

It’s snow! You must understand it is there for their joy

In this world it is the most joyous toy.

After running around have crazed with the thought

These dogs can finally be caught,

But you should stand back and see just what they’ll do

Watch as the snow gives them energy anew.

After a minute they might start to roll

Like a thief celebrating the latest thing that he stole.

Coming up snowy with flakes everywhere

You should be glad the dog has fur and not hair.

The best thing to see is that look on the dog’s face

That big grin is worth the time in such a cold, wet place.

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The Big Actions of Little Dogs

The bounding of a small dog through a field wrapped in snow

Is something that you will never forget.

Barely visible as it dash about on the go

By the end all their energy gone if you allow it.

As it takes every ounce of energy with so little to show.


With snow up to the bellies they have to bounce

Shaking whenever they reach a shallow spot

Then back into the fray they flounce,

They show their pride at flakes they caught

Only to be quickly distracted and on a new flake they pounce.


It’s really quite amusing to watch a dog in this kind of action

A little dog moving about in the snow.

When you are down it’s the best type of distraction,

Cause when it is done one thing you will know

If that little dog could dash in the snow, you too can win with the right reaction.

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Hesitant First Steps

Staring with awe at the new fallen snow

The dog can’t believe what she sees with her eyes.

What kind of world is capable of this sort of disguise?

Curious to see just what it’s about,

She leans down her head to sniff it with her snout

For this is always the best way to know.


Surprised by the cold, she jerks back her head

Having learned only that from her quick foray down

And now you laugh at your white nosed clown.

She cocks her head but soon forgets you are there

Because something of greater interest has her aware

Of the dangers to you, that’s enough said.


Since you aren’t afraid, she decides to take a step.

With cautious moves, her paw stretches out of the door.

She’s no idea off the treat that is in store.

Her paws touches the ground and is quickly drawn back

As if the snow made with a cold winter attack.

Then she gathers her courage as she starts to prep.


Paw out again, her foot firmly on the ground

And another soon follows as a smile crosses her face.

The next thing you know she has quickened her pace.

Bounding and jumping out in the snow without fear

This is the point where you a snap a picture, right here,

To remember the joy as she first through the snow learned to bound.

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