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Go Lay Down

When you say, “Go lay down!” You usually say it, With a frown.

And then I feel, Like I’ve tossed, Your world, Upside down.

I believe I’ve, Done something, I should never, Ever do.

Like unravel, Your sweater, Or hide your, Other shoe.

I hope that,
I learn not to, Trouble you, Again.

No, I’m sure,
That I won’t,
Not nowhere,
No how – or when!

I guess it’s, My job to, Now prove, What I say.

If I’m ever, Going to chase, Your troubled, Frowns away!

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Doggone Lonely Nights

When you work late, And can’t get home, When you’re on a date, And leave me alone…

When you forget to call,
And leave me a message, When your cell phone’s dead, And I’m scratching my head…

When I wait by the door, And it never opens, When I wake up in bed, Just to see I’m alone….

When I wrack my brain, And still can’t figure out, Why you’re not home, And begin to pout…

When I finish eating,
And you’re still not here, When I get to sleep soundly, In your favorite chair…

Those are some, Doggone lonely nights, The ones I like least of all, – yeah, ones like tonight.

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Time Alone

When I can tell,
That you really need,
Time alone … I give it to you.

When I can sense,
That you really want,
Time alone … I vamoose.

When I can see,
That you want from me,
Time alone … I shoo fly shoo.

When I perceive,
That you need to take,
Time alone … I accommodate you.

Time alone,
Is never bad,
Unless time alone,
Makes you sad.

When I can tell,
You’ve had too much,
Time alone … I nudge you.

When I can sense,
You’ve overindulged in,
Time alone … I bark at you.

When I can see,
You’ve had enough,
Time alone … I get us a chew bone.

When I perceive,
That you’re fed up spending,
Time alone … I’m right here beside you!

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Can Ya Hear Me Now?

The other day,
I made my way,
To the kitchen,
And said “bark, bark”.

You’d been on the phone,
Since you got home,
So I decided to repeat,
“Bark, bark”.

You didn’t move,
From the kitchen stool,
So I got more aggressive,
“Bark, Bark!”

You shuffled ‘round,
As if I made no sound,
‘Til I yelled with courage:

You shifted your eyes,
To me in surprise,
And I knew right then,
You could hear me.

I waited in the hall,
As you ended your call,
And I gave you a lick,
When you joined me.

Can you hear me now?
Bark, bark, bow, wow,
I just wanted your attention,
Or, at least, an honorable mention!

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Bow Wow-Ow!

Did I ever tell you,
‘Bout the time I hit it big,
On the Dow?

Yes, I did: “Bow Wow Wow!”

Did I ever tell you,
‘Bout my tangle with the,
German haus frau?

Yes, I did: “Bow Wow Wow!”

Did I ever tell you,
‘Bout my knowledge,
Of the Tao?

Yes, I did: “Bow Wow Wow!”

Did I ever tell you,
‘Bout how I got centered,
In the “now”?

Yes, I did: “Bow Wow Wow!”

Did I ever tell you,
‘Bout the time I tossed,
My chow?

Yes, I did: “Bow Wow Wow!”

Did I ever tell you,
‘Bout the time I was,
Bit by a cow?

Yes, I did: “Bow Wow – Ow!”

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Throw Me A Bone

When I shred the newspaper,
When I destroy your phone,
When I run amok,
Thinking you’re not home.

When I cause a ruckus,
When I start a fight,
When I eat your steak,
Thinking it’s alright.

When you feel dog tired,
When you’ve had enough,
When I’ve worn you out,
With my puppy dog stuff.

When I want your attention,
When I yelp too much,
When I’m kind of a pain,
In the “you-know-what”.

When I tear things apart,
When I dump out the trash,
When I poop where I shouldn’t,
(‘Cause the rug smells like grass).

When I do stupid things,
If you’re here or I’m alone,
Can you see I don’t mean to,
And try to throw me a bone?

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Oh You Clever Boy

Tidus was bird dog, which could explain why
This restless young dog couldn’t sit idly by.
Every day his people would take off,
Leaving Tidus in the yard with toys and stuff.
But this was not enough for this smart boy,
He started looking for something more than a toy,
He needed a challenge,
And boy did he manage.
It took less than a week for boredom to set in,
Then one day as he lay with paws to chin,
He saw people on the other side of his fence.
Springing up his excitement intense,
Tidus decided to go say hello
To this neighbor fellow.
With a wiggle and squiggle he dug underneath
The trotted on up, a huge grin with his teeth.
The neighbor was shocked and took Tidus in,
Then waited for Tidus’s people to pull in.
The very next day Tidus decided to jump over,
Laughing, the neighbor said, “How clever.”
The day after that Tidus found yet a new way
To beat the fence that bright sunny day.
One paw at a time he worked his way up,
Spilling over the top like a wiggly pup.
From that point on the people finally learned better,
Keep ‘em inside when you have such a clever Setter.

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