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All Curled Up

Snug as a bug,
Just like I like it,
On a cozy old rug.

The fire starts to crackle,
I’m comfy as can be,
My fur starts to warm,
You wanna join me?

All curled up,
Front paws in back,
Hind paws fall forward,
The flames hiss and crack.

Being here,
Snuggled warm,
Is like hiding out,
From a rough winter storm.

It’s like,
Hunkering down,
For a cold, long night,
With snow falling ‘round.

All curled up,
Front paws in back,
Hind paws fall forward,
The flames hiss and crack.

…and I’m as happy as can be!

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How To Ride The Summertime With The Dogs In Mind

Summer breeze is our please!! But remember most hounds need a lot of cooling down!! So summertime is the side we should try to do other kinds of dog related activity rides!! A lighter exercise load is the road that should be drove and the mode we need to bestow on our hounds to manage their heat on these exercise rounds!!

This is a great time of year to relax and exhale, as you set sail on hikes, walks, and light exercise jaunts near shaded trails and your dog can calmly wag his tail!! Light early cool morning energy engagement is a good time for the dogs exercise arrangement!!

You can smell the flowers as you and your dog roam through some summer time showers!! This can help their heat and maybe give you guys a peek of a rainbow treat!! Though remember its a must to just avoid the gust of high winds, lightening and tree falling limbs, at all times keep safety in the forefront of your mind!!

Another treat for your dogs to reap is a cooling leap into a stream or babbling creek!! You and your hound can also enjoy a cooler time as you walk on the evening side with a moonlight stride, this is another summertime find!!

Don’t forget dogs love to jump, (romp), and stomp, all through the tall grasses that can be found around on the summer time grounds!! This tall grass is like a playground to the hounds and it will get’em to leave the ground to make their way around. A great exercise play and super fun way for them to really get down like a true hound!!

So summer is a great time with some caution in mind to play and ride with your dogs at your side, remember to always keep your dogs cool, watch’em drool, obey the park rules, and you and your dog will be pleasantly fulfilled!!

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The Fall Season Is Another Reason For Dog Pleasing

With the Fall season comes more reasons to keep pleasing your dog and leading him along. So listen to this song and rift as you will hear about what can be this very colorful bliss. The Fall Beauty can lift you all to revel in this season changing call when natures rearranging its look and getting ready to book some cold as winter takes its hold!!

The winds can start howling to provide that scary sounding vibe close to Halloween time!! Of course as the wind blows so goes the dogs nose up in the air as they sniff and stare the smells that are whisked around and bring them alluring scents and sounds all over town!!

Your pup will so care about this movement of air because it helps them fare as it blows on their hair and cools them like a fan whirling around above the ground!!

The dogs can sense and hear that cold is getting ready to steer as winter is so near!! Most hounds will love this time of year it is so very dear when cold is getting in gear!!

An outdoor campfire can be a treat to warm your feet and get you and your dog to take a seat around the heat after a fun day of play in the falling leaves and autumn scenes!!

So enjoy the show from the leaves on the trees as they glow with fall colors and awaken your hound with the colder rounds and blowing sounds!! Take a walk under a harvest moon and let it keep you in tune to enjoy the season with your dog and let it keep pleasing you all!! Let autumn be one of the many reasons to keep you seeing the beauty and being a lover of mother natures wonders!!

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Deceptive December

Snoopy was never sure what to make of December.
It started so quiet and dull, like nothing to remember.
Somewhere in the month things began to unravel,
Turning to anticipation and noise too much for a gavel.
He loved it all, but resented not knowing what happened.
Didn’t people know how long it would take him to mend
From so much hustle and action.
They knew not even a fraction
Of the feelings he knew as the month jolted passed.
At least he knew that it was limited and would not last.
From daily quiet of boredom and rest
The house went to crowded worse than a spring nest.
Snoopy was happy through it all
But never was sure how any day would fall
In the plan of existence. Would it be boring or full?
Having the people all home at his heart strings would pull
Even though he missed his day long naps
It was better when he could put his head in their laps.
He had to admit he loved the attention, walks, and car rides,
The way he spent the end of the month at his peoples’ sides.
The month was confusing, but Snoopy was pleased all the same
It was exciting unlike the rest of the months that were tame.

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Napping November

Except for a flurry of excitement toward the end,
November was always Droopy’s lazy time.
The routine held most of the month
Spent from several months of entertainment.
The people were tamer, more tired,
Which was always what inspired
Droopy’s favorite activity for the time of year.
It was all about napping.
He napped when they were out.
And bedtime was earlier for everyone,
Because the short days had come
And nestled over the house with care,
Brining drowsiness and idol actions
Not much for entertaining distractions.
There were a couple of days were people moved
They bustled and hurried about in the kitchen.
This was certainly something Droopy approved,
So long as there were no expectations for him,
And he was allowed in his naps to pursue
Happy and sleeping, that was all he should do.
Then, oh how they ate, and shared it with him.
Soon after everyone would retreat
To their bedrooms to sleep.
Some would collapse in a food stupor on the couch
Others would cuddle up to Droopy and nap by his side.
Oh it was lovely! The month of long napping.
The month was one to make him so happy.

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Obnoxious October

Sydney was a skittish old dog
Who loved nothing more than to sleep like a log.
This is why October was so unpleasant,
Peaceful and quiet it wasn’t.
The people at home would be happy and noisy,
Running and laughing their cheeks so rosy.
True Sydney liked that October was cool
It made him feel comfortable curling near a toadstool.
But all this running and laughing was just the beginning
He knew that for obnoxious October was always winning.
The people were out changing the look of the house,
The kids, the neighbors, the man and his spouse.
It all culminated in horror at month’s end
When people would come knocking, they weren’t even friends!
Sometimes they weren’t even people at the door,
Which is when Sydney would run and cower on the bathroom floor.
He hated October, but now it was almost all done
Things would soon be normal, Sydney had won.

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Sensible September

Fido may have had a stereo-typical name,
But the way he thought was nothing the same
As the other dogs he knew.
While other dogs were open and honest,
Fido was stealthy, or sneaky at best.
As far as mischief he knew exactly what to do.

Don’t get me wrong, Fido was not mean,
He just didn’t like things he thought were obscene.
Such as things done against nature
Or things done out of contempt.
Things like obedience classes where he was sent.
For this he was too mature.

A dog was its self, and should allowed to be free.
And he felt that way about all he could see.
So every September when his people were in the yard,
Fido had a job to put everything right,
Even though he knew it meant a big fight.
Every year it was one he fought hard.

The people raked leaves into large piles.
To short little Fido, the piles went for miles.
Unnatural! Insensible! The trees had let loose
And people should leave them wherever they fell,
Not rake them into a monstrous swell.
It made no more sense than a golden-egged goose.

They had taken to locking him tightly in doors.
So they thought it would even the score.
But wily Fido could always sneak out.
This year it came when a person came in for a drink.
The person didn’t realize ‘til he reached the sink.
He had left the door open, and Fido slipped out.

With a yap and leap little Fido dispelled
The leaves flying and once again were they felled.
The people shrieked at Fido’s brute force.
But Fido puffed up with pride by his own actions
And they dragged him inside with his look of satisfaction.
He’d do it again because it was the only logical course.

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Awesome August

Trigger was an old dog who loved his people,
But summer was a bit more than he could handle.
The kids so hyper, the parents so tense,
Of these things poor Trigger had too much sense.

When he was younger, Trigger was no August fan.
The changes from the bustle to stillness.
When he was younger he didn’t want to be alone
With nothing to hear but the rare ring of the phone.

But now that he’s old, Trigger has learned to love it,
The peace and quite is a nice respite.
The days were spent napping close to the door,
Resting on the cool tile of the floor.

While Trigger loved when his people were around,
He found that after a summer of hustle and bustle,
The return to normalcy was just as delightful,
No longer sad or so resentful.

He no longer thought of it as abandonment.
They had their routine and he had his.
The summer was great for excitement and fun,
But it was also great for quietly lying in the sun.

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Jumpy July

Every July the family would pack everything up
And head out to camp, including the pup.

Bear had been in the family for almost two years,
But the third camping trip inspired some fears.

He was used to the house and air conditioning,
And he was used to cushions for his sleep positioning.

Now they wanted him to sleep on cold hard ground
With the scary sounds of wild animals all around.

Still Bear did have things he loved too,
Most of all the lake with so much to do.

They would row out to a dock in the middle of the lake
And they would yell as they jumped, the joy not at all fake.

They would splash around, swimming everywhere
Bear would play too, swimming here and there.

The family would jump in from cliff sides, quite a fall.
This is something Bear would not do, not at all.

He would watch on the side barking as they leapt.
Then he’d lie down and woofed as he slept.

It was only at night the fears came back to rest
Then he would curl up against someone’s warm chest.

In the too early hours, Bear would stretch as he’d yawn
Then he’d wake them all up at the first light of dawn.

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Jubilant June

Sasha didn’t understand what was happening,
But the little people were always so happy,
So jubilant when June finally came.
The dog only knew that it was good for her too,
For there were more people home, more for her to do.

She would get more walks, more time outdoors.
Sasha would chase the kids on bikes,
And hide and seek in the forest till night.
She knew that she loved the feel of the air
As the days seemed to go on and on and on
Like a happy dream that would forever yawn.

The big people too were quite joyous in June,
They would stay up later talking together.
During these times Sasha got so much attention
It was the best time of year with all the people here.
It was like a huge sigh of relief,
And that it would end was beyond Sasha’s belief.

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