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The Cutest Division of Speed and Victory

One of the breeds you might expect to find most often used in sports
Actually is only seen in a handful of schools.
Eastern New Mexico University adapted two mascots at once
In the year 2009, and both of the dogs were known for their speed.
See Vic and Tory are greyhounds, a great mascot indeed.

Once racers themselves, they now get to live out their days in great ease
Getting lovin’ from fans and attention from crowds,
This pair of pups are some of the fastest mascots around.
Both of these guys have personalities of their own
Though neither has anything like a mean bone.

Vic never cared to race on the track.
His idea of good times is to rest and to snack.
Being lazy and playing about in the sun is his fun.
So as a racer he didn’t do well, that is what they said,
And now he’s retired Vic does spend a good bit of time in bed.

Tory loves running, but being muzzled was too much a distraction
When given the choice, he likes to run free, then he really gets traction.
He loves attention and to hang out with the team and their fans.
Give him a minute and he’ll hypnotize you with his eyes.
That co-eds love him comes as absolutely no surprise.

Together they love to romp and play.
They get to go out to the soccer field to just run about.
They will bark as you play and shout.
Their green uniforms look fitting and slim on their frames.
Former racers, now their days are full of different games.

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First Generation Scottie

Carnegie Mellon’s mascot is so new that she’s the first.
Having joined the school in 2008,
Scottie perfectly fits into the school.
Though called Scottie, her real name is Maggie
Which is a bit more fitting for a pretty girl like her.
This sweet little pup lives by the doggie golden rule.
She loves up on people and roots for her team.
Nothing can stop her, or so it would seem.

As the school name suggests, she is a Scottish terrier.
With a friendly face and perky ears
One look at her and not even a child sees something to fear.
Wearing her tartan cape she looks like a furry hero
But it is the initiatives she represents that really take the lime light
From team spirit to the environment, this little lady know how to volunteer.
She has a webpage that helps people go green
As part of the campus initiative to make sure important causes are seen.

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Butler University and Their Good Boy Blue

Bulldogs have another representative in Blue,
A handsome little guy with a constant smile.
He looks far more friendly than fierce,
But that is the intention
Because people will come from miles
To play with this guy and see his canine presentation.

Blue is one of the newest mascots in sports
He only joined Butler at the turn of the century
The first was female, a very friendly girl
The English bulldog was selected for the team
And the English bulldog for her cute curly tail.
She retired when her family moved, the only Blue queen.

Next came Butler Blue II, the most famous of all
He served for nearly a decade and gained quite a bit of fame.
He did many tricks, including riding a skateboard.
When the basketball team went to the Final Four
Each member patted his head for luck, but if they failed he wasn’t to blame.
Students took up the idea in the hopes of improving their grade score.

Blue III took over in 2013.
A keen little lad he was eager to please.
He loves being on the court with his strong brindle markings.
Getting some loving and cheering for the guys.
But he may be distracted when the large bone he sees.
In time it is hoped he proves likes his predecessor, socially wise.

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Joining Jonathan

Jonathan has been a part of the University of Connecticut since 1935.
In 2014 Jonathan XIV took over when his predecessor retired,
And this young pup has been having some fun at the game.
He has done well and it is easy for onlookers to be inspired.

Jonathan is the name given to all of their huskies.
It is done in honor of the state’s first governor.
The university has had a Jonathon since the 1930s,
All huskies, with beautiful coats and thick underfur.

The first was voted on by the student body.
They decided they wanted to have a live representative,
And so a vote was held and it was then decided.
A husky won and with such a choice none were going to be argumentative.

Jonathan XIII and Jonathan XIV live with the same handlers
But they have different colored fur, one white, the other white and black.
The older has been able to help train the younger in his new duties
Teaching him the ins and outs and the best angle of attack.

The younger Jonathan is the same colors as the recent changes the school has made
From the stark white to black and white, which is more dramatic.
One look at Jonathan XIV and it’s easy to see that it wasn’t a mistake.
He carries on the proud tradition of standing talk and being energetic.

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A Different Type of Super Hero

You might think the lab is the easiest choice for a mascot.
They don’t have a mean bone in their body and they love when people are around.
But they are few and far between, and looking at Michigan State you might ask why.
If you’ve ever gone to a football game, you’ll have heard about Zeke.
He goes by the full name of Zeke the Wonder Dog,
And watching the show and you believe the wonder dog can fly.

Since the end of the 1970s, Michigan has kept a wonder on hand.
Though the name and gender have changed a few times since the start
The half time show is something that is always entertaining to see.
The first Zeke was a yellow lab, just like the one today.
Both a chocolate lab and a black lab have taken on the role in the past.
Each dog comes with a different show and an interesting story.

The Zeke of today is 8 years of age, but that does not stop him from performing.
Not only does he do half-time shows at football games,
This little champ loves to participate in Frisbee championships.
He also likes to be involved in parades outside of just sports.
Part of his role is to be an ambassador and help keep the peace,
And when his team doesn’t prevail, to keep a stiff upper lip.

This amazing dog may love to perform,
But it is really people that he loves the best.
On a single game night he will be in over 200 pictures with fans.
He’s made appearances on ESPN and joined College Game day.
However, Zeke loves to be with his team, the Spartans,
And it is with his people that he always performs best.
His energy is obvious as he joins the march with the band.

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Over Sixty Years of Volunteer Leadership

There are many types of dogs that teams love to use.
The bulldog is the most popular,
With huskies getting a pretty close second place.
But the Tennessee Volunteers went with a dog that is far less often seen.
Smokey’s a bluetick coonhound with an adorable face.

There has been a Smokey representing the team
Since all the way back in 1953.
A couple of years ago they celebrated the 60 years of representation
By throwing a party
And letting the good boy play on campus with the students in celebration.

He loves to trot around on the field
Wearing his team’s colors of orange and white.
His little cape keeps him warm when it’s cold
And is stylish all year long.
As a coonhound, this mascot’s loyalty cannot be sold.

The University of Tennessee wanted something different as their choice.
One look around at the other live mascots made one thing clear,
This kind of working dog was perfect because of their reputation.
Coonhounds are smart and are diligent in their work
And they have a great sense of understanding a situation.

This is what makes this cute little guy a real sight to see.
He’s one of a kind in the world of mascots.
Friendly and smiley, Smokey loves to get attention,
Making him an ideal dog to have at events.
Over 60 years and it is clear coonhounds were the right decision.

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A Tradition of Change

Though the University of Washington’s mascot is a husky
Their live version of a very specific line.
A sweet little Alaskan Malamute now six years old
This adorable dog is one of the sweetest of his kind.

With the recent heat up in the Pacific Northwest
This smart pup has been spending time in the water
Cooling off and chilling throughout the summer.
Now the Malamute prepares for football as he oughta.

His school is called UW, and there is where he gets his name.
Little Dubs loves to go out and play with the members of his team.
Though he lives with a family most of the year round.
When it comes to events, he’s everyone’s dog it would seem.

He is the thirteenth in a long line of proud mascots for the team.
The first became official in 1922 and Frosty was his name.
Then Frosty II came next, but his sociability was a bit different than the first.
After that the mascot name has not long remained the same.

There has been a Wasky, Denali, a couple of Kings (Chinook and Redoubt),
Even a pup named Spirit who was mascot for nearly ten years.
When Spirit retired in the summer of ’08 to a life of leisure,
Dubs I was adopted to take the mascot wheel and steer.

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Golden Opportunity with Little Goldie

Tulsa had a mascot of the traditional sort
But when their football team did great
They didn’t get the attention they expected.
So to get more people to notice their team
Tulsa did the only logical thing.
A puppy they brought in to help raise spirits
And get the media to take note.
They set up the little dog with everything she could want
From her own toys to a collar and bandanna
This little girl went from adorable to stardom.
Her Twitter account got enough followers in the first few days
To make people pay more attention.
Now several years later little Goldie is all grown up,
A beautiful dog from a highly energetic pup.
She does press releases and photos
And loves to get out with her school.
She the ambassador for the team
And even more interesting still
She’s also a certified therapy dog
So she can help the injured to heal.

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Reveille to the Rescue

One thing that makes Reveille so special is that he is the mascot of Texas A&M.
He’s at the top of the pile as the highest-ranking member of the Corps of Cadets.
A pleasure on the field or off, she’s a dog of principle with such a sweet face.
As a Rough Collie, she is loyal, hardworking, and extremely bright.
Watching her enjoy a game makes fans’ hearts feel so light.

With a very long history and a different kind of start,
Reveille has been the A&M mascot since 1931.
The first was a mutt, adopted by students at the school.
The second was a Shetland Sheepdog, an adorable girl to behold.
Finally, the third was a Rough Collie, and on collies they were sold.

She has an entire company who are known for her care,
But a single sophomore is called the “mascot corporal” and is responsible for her daily routine.
It is this corporal’s job to take her everywhere, even to class.
It sounds like a great job and a much better way to pass the day
Than having to sit bored in a room when the teacher has nothing new to say.

She is the cadet general, and it is shown on her lovely maroon and white blanket
The one that she wears to the games, as it has five diamonds that show just how high she ranks.
Her word is followed, whether in class or without. When she barks, class is done.
She also has a phone and her own student identification.
Freshmen must address her as “Miss Rev, ma’am” to show proper respect for her station.

Currently, the mascot is Reveille IX and she just started in May of 2015.
A purebred out of Cleveland, she is sure to learn her lessons well
And lead the cadets to do better in all of their skills.
Though she has a long way to go in getting acquainted with the ropes
There’s no doubt she will live up to all of the expectations and hopes.

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Uga on the Field

One of the most popular doggie mascots is the bulldog,
But few are as renowned and revered as UGA.
His name is Uga (just like the school), but don’t say each letter,
‘Cause his name is one word,
And once you see his sweet mug, you’ll know that it’s better.

Every football game you’ll find Uga on the field,
Giving love to the players and intimidating the foe.
Well, he intimidates from a distance, but once you get near
He has nothing but love for all of the people around.
With the thrill on his face, it’s hard to imagine there’s anything to fear.

Sporting his school colors of bright red and black,
Uga strolls up the side lines, a routine for defense and attack.
The crowds and the thrill are part of his regular routine
But you can find him relaxing outside of the games.
He loves walking the campus in summer, fall, winter, or spring.

Uga appeared on campus in 1956 and the school has kept to his line.
The current Uga is Uga IX, and he was a interim mascot before his promotion
And under his lead the team has done extremely well.
With a record of 34 wins to only 16 loses, Uga IX really loves his team.
If you catch a home game, watch this guy motivate the team to ring the winning bell.

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