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I Love You

When it comes to expressing sheer undying love,
No person expresses it like a dog.
They let you know when you walk through the door
Which is great after a work day fog.
They don’t ask for much, just love and affection,
Food and a walk, and whatever’s on your plate.
It’s really not too much to ask
There’s no way their love to overrate.
They give you attention when you don’t feel well.
They will lay their head in your lap when things aren’t right.
A dog doesn’t judge or deceive you
Not in any way that is mean
And they are happy just being nearby while you do what you do.
Their love is expressed with each passing day
With a single word they have to say
That their devotion is there as long as they last
And that is true no matter how much time has passed.

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Not Feeling So Great

There are times when you are grateful that your dog is a great listener
And times when you are pleased that your pooch won’t talk back.
But when it is clear that your dog doesn’t feel well,
It’s one of the worst things because there’s so little you can do.
If only there were a way to cast a short-term talking spell.

They look so pathetic, and feel guilty that they can’t control themselves.
When they feel sick, they are thinking about you.
It’s enough to make you wish you could take on their illness
So they could be well and comfort you instead.
Watching a sick dog is the ultimate test.

You want to call in sick, and some of us have no trouble doing just that
Because your dog is like your child, you want to make sure things don’t get worse.
Though you can tell your pup’s not well, there’s no way to know what is wrong
So you have to make time for the vet if it lasts a few days.
Mostly you cuddle and love your dog so that through the illness your dog stays strong.

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Just a Little Bit

People say it’s hard to say no to a child
Because they have such a pitiful look when something they want
Focusing their attention on you instead of being wild
But after a while that you will learn to taunt.

But dogs aren’t the same because you know they won’t understand.
They only know that you aren’t giving them the love (called your food)
And they don’t care if it’s spicy, barbeque, or bland
They just want you to share because, whatever you’re eating, it must be good.

Their eyes get all round as you take that first bite.
When you move to the living room, they are right behind.
They become your shadow no matter how little the light.
Disappointing your dog is so rough you’ll find.

By denying them a little, they seem to crumble to bits
Like a broken heart they cave from inside.
You can watch them shrivel as to the floor their legs hit
When they are disappointed, they don’t go and hide.

They want you to know that you’ve crushed all their dreams
As they watch you take in that very last bite of your snack or meal.
Their eyes judge you for such a cruel, broken promise it seems
Until you stand up and pick up the leash, then it was all no big deal.

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Worn out and Ready to Sleep

Most animals are smarter about being worn out than a human.
When they need to rest, there is no clock to consult, no work to interrupt,
They don’t wait for permission because they have more common sense.
Dogs constantly try to teach us this lesson almost from the day they are pupped.
When your dog needs sleep, she’ll start to yawn and slightly shut her eyes.
She looks for a comfortable spot and turns herself in circles for maximum comfort.
Then she flops down with a sigh of pleasure and contentment
Leaving to you watch and wonder.
Why don’t we do the exact same thing?
Why must we wait until we finish arbitrary work and chores?
When a dog is worn out, she’ll leave you with no doubt
And she’ll show you how it’s done, increasing her intelligence score.
When a dog is sleepy, you are going to have a hard time getting her to do anything else
Whether you want her to do tricks or go out for a quick break
She’ll give you a look that asks if you are insane.
You’ll feel the condescension, and it isn’t fake.
The only hope you have to get her to move is with the lure of some food.
That makes most dogs forget that they are tired.
It’s about the only way to help them realize they have a little energy left.
With food most dogs are terribly inspired.

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Engaged Curiosity

You often hear about the curiosity of cats
And the endless trouble such curiosity can bring.
But if you’ve been around a dog whose trying to sate curiosity
You know that it can be just as dangerous a thing.

A dog goes in nose first to figure something out.
It doesn’t matter what that thing is
Whether plant, rock, or animal, it’s nose to the ground.
It’s when you wish dogs had some kind of quiz.

Because her nose is moving toward something prickly and spinney
Or worse still, a skunk’s rear end.
You can scream and shout, but odds are she won’t stop.
Contingent plan, lots of time comforting you will have to spend.

Dogs can learn, and dogs can be really smart.
But when it comes to curiosity, they have a second mind
And getting them to stop is about as possible as dealing with a cat.
It’s one of the most interesting and frustrating things you will find.

You’ll know when your dog is feeling curious.
Her eyes will shine with excitement and inquisitiveness
Her body will straighten and her nose will point at the thing to inspect.
That’s when you will have to resign yourself to whatever comes next.

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On Anxiety

There is no creature that expresses anxiety quite like a dog.
Each pooch has his own unique method of letting you know
That he’s feeling a bit out of sorts.
Some will decide that the entire couch they need to hog.
Others look for a place to hide and they get down low.
Still others act out as a last resort.

When a dog feels anxious, you know to be on watch.
That way when he goes looking for release
You can be there to intervene.
As he goes to chew, that plan you can botch.
When he approaches the trash you can make him cease
Or stop him when he slinks off to pee unseen.

In the end, it’s up to you to calm him down.
There’s a reason for his anxious behavior.
It’s worth the time to figure it out
And give him the cuddling required to pat his crown
Tell him it’s ok, there’s no need to stalk about.
You’ll know it’s ok when he looks at you like you’re his savior.

Dogs who are anxious are truly pitiful sights to see.
It’s worth the time to get them back to normal very quickly.

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Full Attention

There is no person alive who can manage the same expression of rapt attention
That a dog can make with the slightest twist of the head.
It’s as if the pooch is working on his comprehension
And wants to make sure he’s got it right.
The look shifts a bit when his name you mention.

As his eyes stare at you, you can’t help but feel that he knows what you mean,
Even if his actions afterwards prove that he never had a clue.
His expression more intent and determined than a wolverine,
Your dog can give you the ear you need to whine, vent, or monologue,
Someone to listen when you have to cope with events that were unforeseen.

It really doesn’t matter that your dog doesn’t understand the things you say.
Most of the time all you want is for someone to hear you out
To listen to your words without advice telling you to make it through the day.
Dogs do this the best because they are really there to listen.
Their agenda is clear, and for the words you speak you won’t later pay.

Your dog won’t turn around and tell all of your friends about how you feel.
He isn’t going to mock or laugh at your problems,
And that is clear from the adoring look on his face as you go through your spiel.
You have his attention in full, without conditions.
No matter what you say or confess, he will still think you are the best human ideal.

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Guilt and Forgiveness

When it comes to emotion, there is nothing that compares to guilt
And dogs seem to have remorse down to an art.
From the way they half close their eyes just to say sorry
To the way they bow their head that really puts them a part.
When a dog wants to apologize,
You can see it, though the level of guilt can be quite the surprise.

At times it may seem the guilt is far greater than the crime.
But when a dog feels the need to show remorse
They make it quite obvious that they want you to know
And until you forgive them, a dog will stay that course.
Bowing and scrapping at your feet as you reprimand
Your acceptance and love is all they demand.

It’s cute and adorable when a dog shows some guilt,
Which must be a talent they learned over time
Because it’s impossible to stay mad when they act so ashamed.
And seeing them happy again feels so sublime.
This could be a device that they use to help us calm down
But whatever it is, when you forgive them it’s impossible to maintain a frown.

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Pleasure Untamed

Dogs are willing and able to let you know when they are pleased.
There is no question about the fact that they are eager and happy,
Because their tails get to wagging and their tongues lull out.
They get that shimmer in their eye, and though it sounds sappy,
It’s nearly impossible not to feel a bit of pleasure from your heart squeezed.

When a dog is happy with what’s going on,
It’s contagious and makes you want to keep the happiness going.
From the time they show that they are more than content
You want to keep that look and that feeling moving and flowing,
Almost as if you were your own dog’s pawn.

Pick up a leash and your dog starts to pant
Happy that you are about to take the time for a walk
Pleased with the idea of getting to sniff and to wee.
You can express your thoughts about the day, just you talk
Your pup will give you looks and listen happily as you rant.

While you are eating if some food accidentally drops
It will make your dog’s day as your pup laps it up.
Such a small thing is really all that it takes
To create the best day for any kind of pup.
And that happiness continues even if the food dropping stops.

Taking your dog out to the park is the best.
You are certain to get a rise when you go where other dogs are.
The site of other dogs gets your dog dancing around.
Of course there are times when all you really need is a car.
Playing with dogs or riding will leave your dog that night happily at rest.

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Emotional Sense

Dogs are the best when it comes to letting you know how they feel.
They don’t do passive aggressive or hide their emotions at all.
When it comes to dealing with dogs,
They leave no doubt because they way, sing, or bawl.

Whether they are happy, sad, or tired,
You need only watch a dog to see how he acts.
He’ll wag his tail so that there is no doubt
Being at home, no you he should be without.

She’ll greet you at the door so you know you are loved
And bat her eyes when she transgresses any one of your laws.
Whether food, toy, or leash gets her ready to play,
Or something is up and she needs to cuddle all day.

Dogs are loving and protective, but like people they have different emotions.
Watching a dog for a day can help you understand how they tick,
What they are thinking and what they enjoy.
With everything that happens you see how a new motion they deploy.

After a day of watching a dog, you feel a little saner.
No guessing or hoping you can figure out what they think.
You can talk to them and they seem to listen, even if they don’t understand.
They are there for you and its obvious by their emotions, uncensored and unplanned.

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