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Doggie Breath 2

Wowsa, that’s strong! Even I know it is.
You can smell…

My doggie breath.

No need to speculate. It’s best not to try. Since it’s contents…

Are best left unsaid.

And yet here I sit, Wondering why,
I have this complex…

I wish I could shed.

Having a “potty” mouth, And being a stinky dog, Certainly…

Makes me upset.

I know you notice and, I hear you comment, Or joke about it.

Yet, you never plead or beg.

You know I can’t control, Or will it away,
And you love me,

…in spite of my doggie breath!

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Doggie Breath

Ugh – oh, no! – I’ve got doggie breath…

In the world,
Did it get like that?

What’s a dog,
To do about it?

Can you,
Help me by,
Brushing the smell away?

Can you,
Give me a,
Chew toy that puts it at bay?

Can you,
Find a treat,
That’ll knock it right out?

Can you,
What’s up with my mouth?

Ugh – oh, no! – I’ve got doggie breath.

In the world,
Did it get like that?

What’s a dog,
To do about it?

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Ahhh – Food & Water

No matter where we go,
No matter for how long,
No matter when we leave,
Or when we get back…

There’s always food and water!

I don’t know how you do it,
I just know that you care,
I also know you give me,
Exactly what I need…

My daily food and water!

How does it get there?
How do you know I need it?
How can I thank you?
For always restocking…

My food and water!

I wish I could take care of you.
I wish I could fill your dishes.
I wish I could just once,
Set out your…

Food and water!

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Dinner Dance

Every day the Fable house becomes very alive
Just as the clock chimes out that it’s five.

The dogs that were sleeping are now wide awake,
They bounce off their pillows and give their bodies a shake.

It’s the start of their dance, one they do every day,
One that leaves the family laughing away.

One dog gives a bark, not loud, not yet,
But soon it picks up, and it gets loud, you can bet.

The kids come running to watch the show
And then they join in, all the steps they also know.

They dogs and the kids bounce around in their mirth,
The best time of day when the food comes down to Earth.

The people pull it right out of the oddest of places,
Still the dogs dance, huge grins on their faces.

It’s magic alright every day at just five,
To watch the house turn so very alive.

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I Saw it First

You know that tasty,
Delectable morsel,
You dropped,
On the floor?

I saw it first!
You know that mid-rare,
Perfectly cooked,
Chunk of meat,
That fell?

I saw it first!
You know that slice of,
Oven-roasted turkey,
You somehow,
Couldn’t find?

I saw it first!
You know that soft,
Squishy piece of donut,
That rolled off,
The counter?

I saw it first!
You know how I like,
To get real close,
When food is,

That’s so I’ll get to it first!

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