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Christmas Day – 10 pm

The pups have been asleep for quite a long time

As the day ends you cannot see any reason or rhyme.

There were very high highs that blew your mind

And lows that were low, the kind you’re glad are behind.

It was totally crazy how the people acted

As if al strife was entirely retracted.


You joined the adults out as they watched something on tv

An unobtrusive movie that they seemed pleased to see

It wasn’t anything you understood

But that didn’t stop you from feeling so good.

The two sat close on the couch, her head resting on his shoulder

Still smiling from a little something he told her.


There were only two lights on in the room,

Lights you knew would be put out pretty soon.

One was the tv the other came from the tree,

Both types were hypnotic, so pleasant to see

You lay there contended with the world.

Tomorrow this will be different as the day unfurls.


For now you just want to enjoy the calm moment at the end of the day

Because everything is perfect, you wouldn’t want it any other way.

Soon the movie is over and the adults stand up.

She goes to the back to check on the pups,

He calls you and heads to the back door

And you stand and stretch, perhaps there’s one thing you do want some more.


He lets you outside for a quick two minute romp,

Your breath you see and his as he starts to stomp.

Finally you go in and he makes a short stop on the way through

In the kitchen he opens a door and give a quick wink to you.

He puts a piece of turkey into his mouth, then throws one your way.

Now that is the perfect ending to the very best day.

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Christmas Day – 8 pm

The family back to its usual self

Dishes clean and put back on the shelf

The living room reorganized with tender care

Almost as if the others had never been there.

The kids were preparing for the end of the day

You knew the best thing to do was stay out of the way.


Showers were taken with a much calmer tone

One that was much different that what the day had known.

Once finished the kids set about brushing their teeth

As you watched from the floor, staring up from beneath.

They chatted and laughed their mouths full of bubbles

With less than the usual amount of pranking trouble.


For once everyone seemed happy to let things play out as they will

And you of course were content to lie down and be still,

A voyeur in the tradition of getting ready for bed

The usual movement was too much, so you rested instead.

Finally they finished the ritual of the night

And to different rooms they went where they were out of your sight.


They each had a book they would be allowed to read for a while

Time for a choice one you frequently made in this domicile.

Which room will you go to hang out for a bit

Then you quick head to the boy’s room where you sit.

Enjoying the quiet and peace that has finally settled in

A wonderful thing after the way the day did begin.


From the quiet of your current location

You hear movement from your final destination.

The adults are doing their nightly ritual now the kids are in bed

You rest feeling good with the normal sounds ringing in your head.

Pretty soon the time’s up and time to turn the lights out

You stand up and head to the living room, your daily route.

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Christmas Day – 6 pm

The light of the sun has been gone for a while

As the people sit around groggily as they smile.

The food appears to have had the same effect on them

Although it appeared a bit slower to descend.

You awoke to the sound of them chatting about things

With the music playing songs with interesting rings.


The kids were content to sit and play with some cool toys

They were all together playing the same game, the girls and the boys.

It wasn’t something that you understood, not at all

But you were more than happy beside your girl to fall

Plopping your head in her unsuspecting lap

And she fell for it all, like a giving your head a nice pat.


As the kids sat on the floor working through a strange game

The adults started to scatter suggesting the rest of the day would not be the same.

From the pups came sounds that sounded more like a whine

Suggesting they had started to pine

But what it was you were not sure

So you didn’t not raise your tired self from the floor.


Then you girl gently pushed you out of her lap to the ground

And stood up to help all of the other kids sitting around.

One by one they got to their feet

(You wished they’d sit back down, she made such a comfortable seat)

And they started going toward the closet and you realized what came next

All of this motion was just less than subtle subtext.


The dogs were now leashed and you went up to them each to say bye

And it was easy to see the sad farewell in each canine eye.

Of course you would see all of them again, but not again today

With sniffs and some movement you waited for what the people would say.

Hugs were given and they waved to each other as the guests headed out

Saying Merry Christmas and goodbye with a joyous shout.

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Christmas Day – 4 pm

After the smells from the kitchen have grown through the day

You and your canine friends can truly say

You hope that the people don’t forget you are there

Otherwise you’ll have to really put more emphasis behind your stare.

From the back you hear the sound of the table being set

And that king of clue, how much easier can it get?


Clearly the people were waiting for the right moment to eat

Alpha opens the door and everyone goes to take a seat

Around the table that smells too good to be believed

(And now you know the dogs are invited, so you are relieved)

Several adults have a bowl , one for each dog, which you love

And slowly they put the bowls to the floor from above.


The smell that drifts out makes you start to drool

And you dive in without thought, rushing in like a fool.

You notice little else during this time of a feeding frenzy

Feeling so lightheaded, so ecstatic, so giddy.

Your motions are trained to the contents of that bowl

As if it played today’s most important role.


Too soon, far too soon, the contents have been drained

And the floor around you is now with some juice stained.

Looking around you see you are not the first dog to be done

But still some each and they seem so lucky, radiating like the sun.

Soon they too finish, for it takes none of you long to eat up

But the people are just now sitting down to sup.


You wish so much to go sit and beg,

But the full stomach seems to be moving each leg.

Instead of watching the people now eat up their fill

The dogs all appear to follow a much stronger will.

To the living room you move and that’s where you flop

And soon you are all napping, that was the ultimate stop.

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Christmas Day – 2 pm

The house is now clean, and you think it smells great

Until a knock at the door introduces a new fate.

With a  bark and some romping you head to the door

And in this wild act all your energy you pour.

As you reach it you hear the sound of some voices

And now you are left with some very firm choices.


A familiar sound you hear as you bark

A little yapping like a very small lark.

Knowing now who is on the other side

Your emotions explored nor more can you hide

The excitement you feel as you impatiently pace

Anticipation etched like a pure joy on your face.


Finally the kids reach the door their arms wide

And now you are all on an emotional ride

Where all of the players are more than happy to see

Each other this day, to simply be

Together as they enter with gifts and with food

It’s the best day ever, as you must have known that it would.


Several dogs enter the house with their people, then once inside

You sniff each of them as you over flow with pride.

Two boxer, a sheltie, a lab, and two mutts join the fray

And the people toss you all out back so that you are free as you play.

Brimming with energy you all dance and run around the yard

This type of play is the best, you play hard.


For over an hour you all mess around

As if long lost siblings you have again found.

All of this time the people are mostly inside where it’s warm

Leaving you guys out to make a canine swarm.

At some point it seems all the energy is spent

Finally welcome indoors, to the back you’re all sent.

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Christmas Day – 1 pm

The kids are quite happy to be playing off where they will

And the parents appear happy to simply lie still.

But the smell from the kitchen has become quite intense

Driving you crazy with you super strong sense.

Surely they must be as excited about the smell as you

However, they can contain it by focusing on what they now do.


In awe of such ability you go up to the man

And with your head right in his lap you now stand.

With a laugh he reaches over and scratches your ears

And in the direction of the kitchen you see that he peers.

With some words you don’t know, he addresses his mate

Then he stands up and you think that he is about to seal your fate.


Instead of moving to the kitchen which  you thought was his goal

He calls to his pups and soon the pack is now whole.

They do not converge in the kitchen of dreams

But start to their cleaning with great intent it would seem.

What could it mean that they are now straightening the room,

Throwing out papers, cleaning dishes, and bringing out the broom?


You cannot make any sense out of this

It goes so against your every wish.

Still they seem quite happy as they do their best

To remove your hard work, perhaps it’s a test.

You bounce into the paper just like you did when they were gone.

Seeking attention, even though you know it is wrong.


The man gets your toy and starts to play just with you

It’s times like this when you wished to see through

But you are too intent on the fun to be had

Forgetting the paper you are no longer sad.

After a few minutes the man stops and returns to help the rest.

You decide to go nap instead of being a pest.

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Christmas Day – Noon

Your feelings are torn and twisted from another hour of waiting

The feeling of happiness and joy long ago abating,

In it’s place you feel anxious and concerned

Funny how the day so quickly took this turn

But even your bed of paper has lost its appeal

With this visions of abandonment the only thing you now feel.


It feels like they have been gone forever and ever.

And with a glum expression you wonder how easy it was for them to severe

All of their love and caring for you to leave you so long alone.

With these thoughts you let out a puppyish groan

Because their abandonment is the only cruelty today

There is more, so much more that in your thoughts now play.


First they wake you with so much lovely excitement

(For the day you now take in with discerned judgment)

Then the calm had set in, just like a normal weekend,

Just before the cruelty as the pups alpha did send

Into their rooms and then out the door.

Oh, to think on this you wish to no more!


And now as if to say in such devilish merriment

Such smells there is no way for concealment

From your super nose that can knows all smells

And a delightful dinner is now of what it tells.

But dinner cannot be if they do not return!

For their presence you are forced forever to yearn!


Your ears perk up as you think perhaps your hearing has deceived

And then in an instant you are entirely relieved.

They’ve come home and the pups are again glad

Neither master appears to be upset or mad.

You spring form your paper with a most pleasant sound

And take off to welcome them in a single, delighted bound.

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Christmas Morning – 11 am

It’s now 11 and the people have been gone a while.

Nervous you wonder if you should shred some tissues in a pile.

You look around and see the mess from before

And with heart a flutter you run forth skidding across the hardwood floor.

With a most satisfying sound paper scatters in every direction

And no people at home so you don’t have to worry about detection.


The joy on your face as you start shredding a bow

Is a look that only you will know.

You watch in the shiny paper this other dog who looks just like you

That dog mimics your enthusiasm for a minute or two.

With great gusto you spring toward the dog to play

But as you stand on the paper you see that dog decided not to stay.


Well that is ok you think as you roll around

Wallowing in the best kind of toy, one you could not have found

If the people had remained instead of dashing off.

Whatever it is it can’t be this fun you scoff.

Perhaps when the pups are back you will invite them in

To thrash an romp in this crinkly wonderland of bows and paper so thin.


You begin to tire from several minutes of pure joy

The joy that derives from such an unexpected unusual toy.

Paper lays scattered and tattered around the tree

But this type of thing is not something you stop to see

As tired you begin to think it must be time for a nap

This makes your tail wag, giving some ornaments a slap.


Proud of all that you’ve done you flop down

Feeling good about the crinkly bed-like mound.

Perhaps with luck this can be your new bed

A thought that begins to rapidly fill your head

Because life is easy, when you find something so sweet

You make it yours. Yes, things are so simple, easy, and neat.

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Christmas Morning – 10 am

Things start to change at 10 am

At first you think some magic is about to begin.

The kids are delighted and are running amok.

It’s odd but masters not upset she and beta simply duck

As one of the toys flies over their heads

Today anger and annoyance are replaced by patience instead.


From a new bed that someone got just for you

Your able to analyze every little thing they do.

The excitement from earlier has turned to joy

As the kids run around each with their own favorite toy.

Aloha and Bera sit at the table and drink

The expressions in their faces does not show what they think.


Then after a few minutes of this mild behavior

As you gnaw on a bone trying your best to enjoy this new flavor

Beta stands up and picks up the dishes

(Perhaps he’s about to give you your dearest of wishes).

He takes them to the sink and starts to clean

And alpha moves to the counter to something unseen.


She opens the magic portal that creates such good smells

But their next actions your excitement quells

They round up the children and send them to their rooms.

Now there’s a dark cloud in your thoughts foreshadowing gloom.

When they emerge their fur us changed

Behavior you have always found strange.


With somewhat door expressions the kids march to the door.

Wondering what this means you rise from your spot on the floor

Beta gives you a pay as he follows his pups to the car

Shutting the door behind him showing you aren’t going that far.

Alpha walks through and gives you a moments attention

Then she glides through without explanation.

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Christmas Morning – 8 am

The smells from the kitchen still make your mouth water

How much of it will become doggy fodder?

This is the question that is most on your mind

As the pack sits a strange tree for its kind.

This one is covered in sparkly shiny stuff

How it must have grown, that must have been tough.


With cinnamon rolls and hot drinks in their tummies

The children are placated with what they find yummy.

You know this must have been alpha’s plan all along.

That woman is clever, she is never wrong.

Now the pups are tamer and sit with excitement more contained

No longer dashing about with feeling unrestrained.


Now alpha sits at the tree reading out names,

“Here’s one for Papa, one for Robin, one for James.”

With great intent and full concentration

One at a time they seek penetration

Through the paper that holds what they desire.

One now in front of you, you now burn with odd fire.


Uncertain exactly what this could mean

You stretch out a paw wondering what is unseen.

What could possibly be hidden in there?

Oh how you wish you did not care!

You’ve touched it! It moved and made a strange noise.

That sounds like one of your old toys!


With great gusto you pounce on the gift

Surely you have been cautious enough, you have sniffed

And prodded the thing and it response was the best

Surely you have passed this strange sort of test.

You tear at the paper, leaving a mess all around!

It’s a new toy! You must show the pack what you’ve found!

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