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The Best Resolution

Tia and Tricky got along like their reputation would suggest,
A cat and a dog who were constantly at war
The first day they were together were nothing short of disaster
And the humans wondered if they could keep both in the home
For the fighting was fierce, too much of a test.

When Tia took Tricky’s bed they knew it was all out war.
The kitten and puppy had so much to prove
And Tia was not about to lose.
She took the war to a whole new level by choosing Tricky’s place to snooze.
The humans expected Tricky would be very sore.

Tricky looked down at this fluff ball of an enemy
And with actions much more mature than credited with the young
She did not attack or attempt to remove the cat from her station.
Nor did Tricky look to the people to take up her fight.
The dog had a new strategy for her plight.

The kitten watched as the pupped stepped on to the bed.
With caution and care not shown before
Tricky was able to avoid stepping on Tia’s head.
Wrapping her body around the little cat
Tricky lay down and together they slept like the dead.

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Taunting and Tremors

Peaches and Cream were two very similar cats.
That they were brother and sister was totally clear
Because where one went the other would soon steer.

They loved to taunt others
And though the people were the most fun to stun
They came fully armed with horrible water guns.

So to the dog the cats decided to turn.
Chicky was large, not exactly the best food for their sport
But that kind of thinking, well the cats just weren’t that sort.

Their favorite thing to do was to take over her bed
Taunting her from where they lay
She usually turned and walked off with nothing to say.

Finally one day Chicky decided she was too annoyed for their fun.
She had learned one thing from the humans, Peaches and Cream could be beat.
Without thumbs, Chicky knew she had a weapon that was infinitely more neat.

The cats gave her that look of victory as she approached her bed.
Without slowing Chicky kept moving until she was around them
Then she circled and circled making the bed shake like water and cats don’t swim.

The tremors rolling and moving them about with much force
Peaches and Cream were too terrified to stay and fight it out
Finally Chicky had found a way to reclaim her bed, all the cats could do was pout.

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The Pillow

Fido was old, not one for much messing about
And after all of these years the cat knew it best.
Though Oscar knew it was not much of a deterrent
Because unless one of the humans was sleeping
Fido had the best bed in the house as Oscar had long found out.

So every chance Oscar got he tried for the bed
Until one day Fido decided enough was enough
If the cat wanted the bed that was just fine
His persistence was admirable, it was a sign.
The next time it happened Fido took a new path instead.

He looked down at Oscar in silence
Until finally Oscar opened his eyes just a peek
Exactly what Fido wanted it was all he needed to act.
His eyes fixed on Oscar’s Fido stepped on the bed
Then Fido did something without venom or violence.

He put his head down right on top of the cat’s
Who sat in disbelief at the gall of the dog.
His nap now ruined Oscar wanted to flee
But Fido’s head was too heave and he was already asleep.
For the entire nap Oscar considered the end of an era and was sad about that.

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Maybe Just a Poke

Palmer was always an excitable dog
Friendly and loving it was hard not to love him.
But to a cat like Baxter, the dog’s energy was a source of bother.
Every chance Baxter got he would attempt a new type of torment.

It didn’t take long for Baxter to see a perpetual problem.
No matter what he did, Palmer always thought he meant to play.
Hissing and arching were taken as that kind of sign
Before long Palmer was bowing and jumping, and Baxter could not stay.

Finally one day when Palmer was busy jumping about
Baxter decided to take the first bed that he found.
It was Palmer’s, and clearly that dog showed no signs of needing sleep
So Baxter lay down and in seconds he was sleeping so soundly.

Who knew how long passed but Baxter woke to a surprise.
Palmer was looking down on him a curious look on his face.
Baxter blinked once, then twice.
Why was the dog bothering him in his currently sleeping space?

Baxter lay down tired from a day of moving about
And stared at the cat who showed no sign of moving.
With a tentative paw
Palmer stretched forward causing the claws to come out.

Baxter was fast and in the blink of an eye
He had returned the paw with a claw.
Palmer jumped up afraid of this cruel trick Baxter played
A sad look in his eyes and a slack feeling in his jaw.

Too afraid of what the cat could do
Palmer slunk off to the other side of the room to rest.
His playmate unwilling to give back the bed.
Baxter was pleased, clearly taking the dog’s bed was what worked best.

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Please Help Me

Of all of her traits the one that stood out the most
Was that Snowy was no type of a fighter
She was loving and gentle
A regular sweetie to all, guest or host.

When she was first brought home Sid the cat was displeased.
Here was a creature that took up all the attention he ignored
Turning his people into doting fools
Time for him to really put on the squeeze.

First he tormented Snowy with his ferocious nature
But the people quickly put the cat’s attempts down
Reprimanding him!
Oh, what kind of a thing had the brought what was this creature?

So he observed from a far, his tail swaying with his thoughts.
The question wasn’t how to move forward, no not in the least
Having watched the small thing
Sid knew how to torment without getting caught.

Snowy loved to sleep for much of the day.
Though her bed was so similar to his own
Sid was going to steal it
And so get revenge his way.

Snowy could not understand the cat in her bed.
Going to her people she pleaded with her eyes
But they were no help to her horrified surprise.
Her pleas were only met with shaking of their head.

“Snowy, you have to show Sid who’s the boss. Go on girl.”
Snowy had no idea what in the world that could mean.
From one to the other she begged and she pleaded
Whimpering and whining each in their turn.

When it became clear they had no intent to intercede
Snowy decided this was the new way of the world
Dejected and sad she lay down on the cat’s bed, to small for her girth
Her eyes begging anytime a person went passed her in need.

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The Wall

Hank looked at the problem and Chester could see his brain churn.
Though twice Chester’s size, Hank preferred diplomatic actions.
Violence was not in his soul, peace was his main attraction
Faced with a problem Hank’s mind began to steadily turn.

Processing the image of the cat resting on his bed,
Hank quickly knew that booting Chester was not the best choice
Nor was surrender without giving his objection voice.
There was one way to solve this, not a word need to be said.

It would be delicate a tough trick to pull off with grace,
Doubt ne’er entered Hank’s mind as he assessed how to proceed
Gently, swiftly, and cautiously were the words he would need
He set to his work with a determined look on his face.

Pushing his nose under the pillow rolling Chester right
Hank took left, with the pillow between they slept through the night.

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Moving Mountains

Teacup was small, even smaller than the cat
And so the kitty thought that she ruled the land
That anything she wanted was automatically hers
Until the one day Teacup had had enough
And realized that Twinkles wasn’t so tough.

It happened one day as Teacup decided to sleep
After spending some time on the couch looking out
And frequently at passersby she would shout.
Tired from this she wanted only to rest
Only to find on her bed a brand new type of test.

So weary she look at the cat with surprise
Not understanding why Twinkles was on her bed.
The cat surely knew that he bed was elsewhere
So way all of the sudden was he in her spot?
This she wouldn’t abide, she would not.

Grabbing a corner of her bed and giving it a firm shake
Teacup took Twinkles by surprise
The cat unsure what was going on
Stood up on the bed and started in alarm
But Teacup cared not if it did any harm.

She shook and she dragged that bed right along
Until Twinkles realized that he could not win.
When the bed stopped a second he moved out of the way
Heading to the window where the sun would help lick his wounds.
Teacup had won and would win again soon.

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The Rumble of Retribution

William the Conqueror was a most unusual dog
A mutt unafraid of letting others know who was boss
He never gave up a fight, never the towel he’d toss,
The story changed not at all when it came to the cat
Especially on days when Fluffy on Will’s bed dropped like a log.

This was a declaration of war
An action far too obscene
It required quick action, no peace or anything in between.
It was war! And so Will brought his big booming voice
As weapons go, it was his favorite, his weapon of choice.

Will got in Fluffy’s face, so close as he started to snarl
The hiss he heard not over the sound in his throat
Rumbling up more threatening than the bleat of a goat.
Soon Fluffy realized this was not time to tease
When Will was in a mood it was no time to sneeze.

With movements so rapid for someone recently asleep
Fluffy bolts for the door as if something forgot
And now a new bed is all Fluffy sought.
The triumph never lived long though as Fluffy didn’t learn
No matter how often Will brought that look that was so stern.

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Same Sized Threat

Spot was not big, in stature she was small
And that is perhaps why the kitty thought of her not at all.
When it came time for a joyous cat nap,
Peter completely took over any place where he sat.

On that fateful day he happened to plod
Over to a place that was still warm it made him nod.
The truth was that Spot had recently been asleep
Getting up to drink then returning to take a seat.

There in her spot was the cat nestled so snuggly on her bed.
Whatever had happened she knew not what was in the cat’s head,
But she was not about to let things go as they were
It was time to make the cat know it was time to stir.

With vehemence and determination Spot took a step
Disturbing the cat in the place where he slept
His eyes open wide not understanding this, not at all
How could this dog dare when she was so small!

Once Peter realized that Spot was about to plop down
He knew he could do nothing with simply a frown.
With a hiss as he scrambled away from the place
It was Spot who lay down with a wistful smile on her face.

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Guilt Trip

Prince was quite used to getting his way
Until Princess arrived one cruel day.
The lap of luxury had been all he’d known
Now it was time to reap what he’d sown.
The heart of his reign had been on his throne
A comfortable bed in the heart of the home.
Then one day there came a cat to his land
And that is when things really got out of hand.
For having spent time scaring people away,
A task that was his, one he would never delay,
He headed to bed to rest for a while
Only to find an interloper in his place with a smile.
It would have been cute the way the kitty sat like a pea
But Prince knew that was not the way it should be.
The bed was his and his all alone
Now here was Prince in his spot like a stone.
Unsure what to do he plopped down with a stare
Wondering how to make her move from there.
His eyes opened wide with a miserable look
So there was no the cat could mistook
Exactly the thoughts going through Princes head
But now he could only look on with dread.
Princess stretched then closed her proud eyes
No guilt lived in there, her enjoyment undisguised.

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