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Mother to All

Lisha is perhaps the biggest hearted dog in the world

A title that is difficult to achieve with so many loving canines

But this dear has earned the name of mother to many

Babes in need? She has never turned away any.

It may come as no surprise that she is a lab

Golden color and white in the face,

She still takes on babes who have no other parent,

Getting close to them all, never staying distant.


She lives at the Oudtshoorn’s Cango Wildlife Ranch

And she is not part of so many a family branch.

This dog does not care what species a babe is

Any babe that comes here can claim her as his.


So far she has adopted a cheetah and tiger cubs, wild felines

Potbellied pigs and a cute little porcupine.

Add to that list a pygmy hippo and a slinky baby weasel

Even an orphaned barn owl has been on her parental easel.


Perhaps the best thing that this loving dog gives

Not only the chance for each animal their own life to live,

But trust in the people who are to help them recover

To one day return to their home under the wild sun’s cover.


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Hammy Adoption in Hamburg

Laska was a beautiful dog, an Alsatian gem

But her heart was more beautiful than her exterior showed.

When introduced to two little boars,

Laska immediately took them in.


March is a cold time, when babies can’t survive

Not without a parent constantly by their side.

Laska took this role on, to be their mother

Starting with bedtime, one like no other.


She wrapped her silky fur body around the babes

They slept warm and tight in the comfort she gave.

The next day was a new less one about proper grooming.

With lessons like these before long the piglets were blooming.


Alice and Emma, two wild little boars

Found love and comfort, even in their new mother’s snores.

But there were other troubles to conquer and overcome

Lessons that they wouldn’t have learned in the winter sun.


Little boar hooves don’t work so well on hardwood and tile,

Anyone who thinks otherwise is in serious denial.

Laska saw that her babes were having trouble trying to maneuver

So she picked them up and put them somewhere they could easily stir.


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Natural Protection

There are times when male dogs take the lead

Adopting an animal in dire need.

Cotton is one such dog, and for one kitten

This male dog was entirely smitten.


The kitten’s mother was killed by a car

Too young to do much, the kitten didn’t go very far.

And this is how the kitten was when she was found

By Cotton, a shepherding hound.


Of course Cotton was not the lord of the home

But that didn’t matter, not if it meant leaving the cat alone.

Adopting the kitty, Cotton trotted right off

And instinctively knew to do the right stuff.


Nothing was off limits to his little girl

Everything that was his was hers, he would give her the world.

They ate from one plate, and slept in one bed,

But that wasn’t all, there’s more to be said.


As a male, Cotton saw himself as her protector

Watching her back from every sector.

She could sleep on his back and he would be on guard

Even keeping his master away, for the kitty was Cotton’s ward.


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An Unlikely Father

The mighty Torque was just a six-month old greyhound

When a new experience he then found.

Not shy or intimidated by any other creature

Torque found that not all animals were quite so lucky.

Some animals were timid, not like him warm and plucky.


It was not something that was never something intended

By the animal keepers, but it worked well the way it ended.

After only three days, the people took a baby owl from its mother.

The mother was a danger to the health of her chick

But the question was now where would the bird stick?


There was nowhere safe for this little owl to go

And what would happen the people did not know.

While they were trying to make a plan

Torque stepped up and made the oddest adoption

Still a pup himself, Torque set something in motion.


When the people realized what was going on

They weren’t sure what to make of it, a dog so young.

But Torque was very protective of the bird he had found

It soon became clear that he was not about to leave

That’s when they realized their eyes had not deceived.


Torque took the bird now called Shrek

A mighty look dog and a little fluffy speck.

Together they roam free at the home of a falconer

Learning lessons they would not have seen

Had they been raised according to normal tradition.

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Not in Kansas Anymore?

Isabella was a beautiful golden retriever,

Long flowing hair and a coat of creamy gold.

It was a case where the outside reflected the inside

Because when three animals were in dire need

Isabella had no trouble accepting them to be her pups.

There was no need to trick or deceive her.


Three Bengal tigers had been rejected by their mother,

The zookeepers were at a bit of a loss

How to keep these less than day-old cubs alive.

How would they feed them? How would they survive?

It was a question that haunted them through the day

Until one of them thought of another.


Their own Isabella was a stay at home dog

The kind who was loving and showed adoration at home

Perhaps they could get her to take the cubs as her own.

So within 24 hours of their mother’s desertion

The cubs were taken to a new location

A bit of a drive, for cubs a very long slog.


Then they arrived at the home with the cubs in tow.

Isabella waited to great her people, but had an odd surprise.

The cubs were brought out for her to sniff and decide

If she would take them to be by her side.

In no time at all Isabella began nursing

And they’ve been together since, together wherever they go.


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Just for Feeding

Not all dogs become permanent parents for other animals

Sometimes the real moms just want some time off

And in their haste some of their responsibilities they doff.


In the case of Cleopatra and two little tiger cubs

It was simply that the mother did not like feeding time,

Understanding that is impossible, it lacks reason or rhyme.


Still, that is the way that these little cubs were raised,

Playing with mom and learning what they needed

But when it was meal time it was Cleopatra who would feed.


A lovely Shar-Pei who looked old and wise

Had enough love to give, it was no disguise.

She feed the cubs whenever the need would arise.

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East and West

Animals have a way of showing us humans how life should be

So many stories of love and compassion you will see

If you spend a few minutes watching animals interact.

They totally lack shame and a desire to backtrack.


Take for example Nana-Chan, a lovely French bulldog

Pretty as a picture from a pure-breed catalogue

Looking at her you would think she was picky, perhaps mean

Unaccepting of others, unwilling to change the routine.


This cute little dog had a heart made of gold

Not only was she caring, her story became widely told

Because it was east meets west

Without the unpleasant contest.


A canine who looked very much the part of indifference

Was nothing like a human seeking ancient vengeance.

When she was brought a two-week old tiger cub

Nana-Chan showed nothing but love.


The cub was treated just like Nana-Chan would treat a pup

Even when the cub tried to nurse, Nana-Chan did not give up.

She cuddled with the terrified little guy

Helping the cub learn to be less shy.


Of course what she could teach was not what most tigers learn

Play fighting was different, affection was never hard to discern.

Instead of being raised with cold indifference like most tigers are,

This little guy learned to be a pack superstar.


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King of the Zoo

Chinese zoos give homes to animals who might not otherwise survive

Of course there are pandas and other iconic creatures

It’s the young who are really given a chance at life

In a home that’s comfortable and nearly devoid of strife.

In these zoos abandoned young are given more than just hope to stay alive.


For three little lion cubs living in the Safari Park was a marvelous boon

For their mother left them far too soon.

Living within the zoo’s confines

Was a sweet dog who left no babe behind

Even if the time was most inopportune.


Born in the summer of 2009

The mother took their abandonment as a sign

Adopting them to be her own

This shepherd mix allowed the cubs by her side to be thrown

And so they grew, this odd pairing of a dog and her kingly felines.

Like a wolf & her cub, this pup gave these big cats lots of love.


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Dogs and Boars

Baby is the main caregiver, not of pups, no something else entirely

Six little wild boars have made a new home with her.

Looking at them it is like a rolling ball of fur.


Baby is not a single mother, but has a helper with the boars

Ronja comes in to help teach them the ropes

Giving the handlers plenty of room to hope.


These little guys will need to make their way back to nature.

The plan is to return them within the year

Back to the wild to live without fear.


First these little young ones have much to learn

How to survive and how to discern

Everything that is needed to live in the wild.


For now it’s enough to simply be young and happy

Learning how to walk with hooves on hardwood floors

And how to move so they don’t slam into doors.


The dogs chase them around as the boars learn to play

Not such a bad way to spend a long day

It leaves you a bit speechless, what more is there to say?


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An Unforgettable Sight

Dogs are known for generally being very tolerant,

But we would think even they have their limits.

Apparently that is not the case for little Guddi.

To look at the dog you would likely think it wasn’t possible.

Guddi is a Pomeranian, and known for being caring,

This little dog, though, is very daring

Guddi had no trouble calling him her own.
When a little baby monkey was left alone

Nor did Guddi raise the monkey like a dog,

But let him learn to be like one of his kind.

He instinctively took to wrapping his arms around her

Burying his face in a whole lot of fur.


This is the point when the story gets most intense

And you sit watching thinking that monkey’s luck is on the fence.

Guddi does not appear to be too happy

Her lips are up and her expression a scowl.

Then you realize she is just expressing her concern

As the monkey gets comfortable, then it’s her turn.


Once the monkey is tightly holding onto Guddi’s belly

Guddi trots off looking a little bit silly.

You can just see the little monkey underneath

Arms and legs holding tight as Guddi trots around.

But the look on her face really says everything,

A look of pure pleasure shows how much her heart is singing.


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