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Puppy Love

Kyle was just 14 months old
When a new member of the family was introduced.
A tiny little puppy who was yet to be named
Just a few weeks old, the pup’s cuteness was untold.

The young child loved to be on the ground
Cuddling with the pup and napping away.
For her part the pup loved the boy.
Such adorable love is rarely found

One day as the child tried to teach the small pup
The pup chose to do exactly as she was told
Staying in one place as the boy moved away
Of course it could have been because played throwing her paws up.

So pleased that she learned, the boy put her in his lap.
Placing his forehead to the pups
The boy had an angelic smile on his face
The pup closed her eyes and soon they were down for a nap.

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Doctor in Training

Cara loved to watch her dad get ready for work.
Though she didn’t understand exactly what he did
His white coat and comfy shoes made her feel such pride.
She imagined his clean shave and bright smile
Helped patients to heal, no doubt of his ability in her mind lurked.

She was two and a half but knew what she wanted to do
To be a doctor like her dad, and she thought to start young.
She would wear his shoes to walk ‘round the house
And try to write on a pad,
But her favorite work was on her patient who sat still for a moment or two,

Buster the mutt loved his little girl.
Whenever she came in trying to run one of her tests
He would sit very calmly and let her got to work.
She would hold on to his paw and make noises like counting
Sometimes she’d take his tail and give it a twirl.

Sometimes she would pull out a unique little toy
A child’s stethoscope that she used like a pro.
Buster sat like a stature letting her listen in
To hear his heart beating, it made her smile so big.
By the end of the “visit” they were both full of joy.

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Watching Dad Go

Dotty the Dachshund and Chad the child
Spent lots of time playing side by side
Focused on doing whatever they wanted
Only noticing each other when the other would hid.

It was like they were used to the presence of the other
Not need interaction to be perfectly happy
The two were like an old couple happy with the company,
Really quite sweet and a little bit sappy.

One of their favorite things during the day
Was when dad went to work.
They went to the door, a window for each
The only windows where the two could reach.

They would both sit and stare out
Watching the car back down the drive.
In silence they watch the action of the day
Then they would turn to return to their play.

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Role Reversal

Though no longer young, Skippy was not so terribly old.
Roughly age nine the golden retriever was white faced
And knew very well what was his place.
When a babe was brought into the home
Skippy took pains to learn more about him
Sniffing the babe’s nose whenever down he would bend.

But Skippy’s favorite part of the day was when they went out for a walk.
Though things had changed with the arrival of the child
Skippy found walks were less predictable more wild.
It was also easier to get better acquainted with the boy
Since he was so close, he could sniff the little babe
Almost like time for the two was every day made.

One day the people stopped to talk to a neighbor
And they did not realize that the baby started to wiggle.
Skippy saw and drew near causing the child to giggle.
The dog had seen the people do something of interest
Wondering what it would do if he were to provide
Skippy left as if he was going to hide.

Moments later he appeared on the other side of the child
Causing the baby to laugh and stretch out his arms
Making Skippy feel good, it was one of the child’s charms.
He drew near with a bottle, leaning over the child
He put the bottle in the kid’s mouth with gentle precision
The babe was happy at Skippy’s quick thinking decision.

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Youth Invasion

Having a toddler in the house can be so very tiring
But imagine having multiple youths in the house at one time.
That is the way it was at the Spangler’s home
Where they had recently welcomed three pups
Who to be like the tot always seemed to be aspiring.

One gloomy day they were romping around the living room
Wondering about and chewing all that they could.
The tot was not better as she pulled things down
Giving them pillows and cushions for play
The joy from their play began to spread and to bloom.

Mother had stepped out of the room to answer the phone
And returned to find the room was a mess.
No matter how she tried, her child always found a way to disturbed
All things in any room where she was left.
Never giving the mother a single second alone.

Now with accomplices to her crimes
Mother was forced to take such drastic measures.
She pulled out the play pin and put her child in,
However, that was not to be the end
For several seconds later a puppy was made to descend.

Placing a pup in the corner of the pen,
Mother reached over and deposited the second and the third
Until all little creatures were trapped in one single place.
The toddler rejoiced a huge smile on her face.
Wiggling and worming the four played without causing no trouble again.

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The Smallest of Steeds

To look at Cocoa you would think no one could ride him.
Though he was a large pug,
His stature was still small
You would think no one could ride him, no one at all.

You would be wrong because his biggest fan
Was his smallest person.
Leigh was not yet two
Which made Cocoa perfect for what she wanted to do.

She had a small rein that her parents helped put on Cocoa.
Then so gently
With all the caution she had
Leigh would climb up on Cocoa without making her mad.

Cocoa didn’t mind this sort of attention at all.
She quite liked the girl
And felt oh so proud
As she took Leigh around the back yard like a young cloud.

Of course this did not last long, not more than a few months
As Leigh grew so fast
She could no longer sit
Upon Cocoa’s back without causing discomfort, more than a bit.

When riding was done, Leigh was allowed to take Cocoa for walks.
Holding the leash
As they moved about,
Through it all Cocoa was pleased though her little body was stout.

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Snapshot in Time

Tucker and Tyler were really great friends,
And when it came to toys
You could hardly tell
Which one belonged to which boy.

Soft squeaky toys littered the house everywhere.
Mom and dad found it impossible to collect the whole lot
Especially when the boys
Had not one favorite spot.

Tyler was about sixteen months old
But getting him to nap was a difficult task
He would only sleep
When Tucker passed out with a sleepy gasp.

One naptime Tyler decided Tucker needed a toy
And as the dog closed his eyes
Tyler popped a pacifier in the dog’s mouth.
Tucker registered no sort of surprise.

Happy with his work, Tyler soon lay down too
Resting his head on his very best friend
Then crossing his hands on his belly
The day’s work now come to an end.

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Blanket Talk

Charity had always been quite the vocal dog.
A husky she was, and she was so chatty
The only rival she had in the house
Was the infant who invaded her space like a large mouse.

Charity didn’t mind the competition at all.
The two move about chasing each other across the floor.
From room to room, and through ever single door.
It was a game and no one ever knew the score.

The funniest part to watch was when the two finally quieted down
Resting their heads on the living room blanket for Charity
Though she never minded sharing it with her babe
And for a second the parents enjoyed the house finest rarity.

The pair would lock eyes and just stare for a bit
Nothing to say, not a gurgle or woof would be heard.
Charity would then reach out a paw
And the infant would reach out to hold it, though she barely stirred.

Too tired to do much, the pair would look at the other
Then each would start a little to murmur.
Shutting their eyes and starting to drift off
The gentle sounds causing the sleep to go further.


Youth and Age

Rover had always been a very loyal dog,
Happy to hunt with his man
Or eat scraps as the woman cooked,
Or out for jog as the woman worked out
Or simply lounging as the man watched tv.
For years nothing had changed, no change did he foresee.

Rover noticed the woman had stopped jogging
Her belly swelled large with the passage of time
He had no idea of what that was a sign.
He and the man did not go out on the hunt.
Instead they stayed home and redid one of the rooms.
What Rover didn’t know of the change that would come soon.

His old body enjoyed this change in routine.
He was able to sleep more
And the attention he got doubled for those days.
Then one day they left in quite a rush
And someone else came over to take care of the old boy
Bringing some odd things that the person called toys.

Rover wasn’t interested in playing about.
So the young man gave up trying
And took Rover for short walks
Mostly he patted the old dog on his head.
Then a couple days later the people came back
With a new little person nearly giving the old boy a heart attack.

They greeted their dog with all the love that they had
And got down low so that he could meet the new addition.
Rover went over and gave the little babe a small sniff,
Then with his pink tongue he licked its small head.
The babe moved small fists and tried to look in his eyes
And all could see the babe’s look of surprise.

Rover nuzzled the babe and gave one more lick
Before flopping down, by the babe’s side forever to stick.

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New Arrival

Babs the boxer had never been exposed to a babe
So when her people brought one home
She had no clue what it was or what it could do.
She soon found there was one room where she loved to roam
Because that small, noisy thing made lots of new smells.
Babs liked hanging around as the people put the creature on a table.
There was always an interesting product at the end.
With so much happening there was no time to miss times more stable.
Then one day Babs dared to move close to the table.
The dog saw the strange thing resting on there.
Arms and legs wiggling like a bug on its back
The creature gurgled and spluttered and at the ceiling did stare.
Closer the dog moved as her people looked on
Voicing encouragement as Babs moved to investigate
This strange little being so new to her home.
She had wondered what the thing was like, no she need no longer wait.
Closer Babs stepped as she looked to learn more
Of this thing who consumed so much time from her people she loved
Then a small whiff from the little creatures head and the dog was enthralled.
The dog turned and looked up above
Questioning the people just what this thing was.
It looked much like them but did not move quite the same.
Its noises were different, but she smelled just like them.
That is when Babs decided it was a new sort of game.

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