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Afghan – A Long Legacy

An Afghan hound is one of the most stunning creatures you will ever see.
They look more like a creature from a fairy tale than a part of daily life.
If you ever encounter one, you will have no doubt about that it is an Afghan hound.

First, they are tall and slim as most sight hounds tend to be.
But you can’t see their bodies for the long, luxurious fur not often seen in wildlife.
The fur is like silk and flows hypnotically as they move nearly without a sound.

They love to run and can be seen out on a coursing field dominating most other breeds.
Not great to have if you have smaller pets (like cats) in the house,
They were trained to run for hunting or protection, and that instinct remains strong.

They are elegant almost all of the time, from when one sleeps to when one feeds.
And they tend to be as quiet as the tiniest, most reserved mouse.
With other larger dogs and most people they tend to get along.

The first cloned dog in the world was an Afghan, and he’s still alive today.
This breed has made its way into films, like Balto and 101 Dalmatians,
Because they are so distinctive, it is impossible to miss one on the screen.

For all of their pomp and intellectual look, it’s all gone when you get one to play.
The way an Afghan’s tongue lolls out triggers a laughing sensation.
Then as the hound romps ,its hair flying about, you can see just what play time means.

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Airedales – King of the Terrier

When you see an Airedale, there is no doubt about the breed.
From the box like face and stereotypical dog frame
This larger breed of dog reminds you of a square.
But they belong to a breed that loves to play nearly any game.
To round off the squarish appearance, they have short, curly hair.

They are actually called the king of the terrier
Because they are the largest of the various terrier breeds.
With their bangs falling into their face in a strange kind of crown
You can imagine these guys lording over a festival indeed.
Nothing but fun and excitement for all terriers around.

They are generally more friendly than small dogs of their type
But you have to be careful because they tend to play rough.
They also make great guard dogs as they love to protect.
That doesn’t mean you have to keep them penned in and stuff.
This breed can be friendly to strangers; it’s just danger they intercept

Airedales are known to have more brains than a typical dog.
If you want to take the time to train
They will learn their lesson and can do some interesting tricks.
But remember, they are hunters by nature, they are not to blame
If a chipmunk goes past and the lesson fails to stick.

They do require that you spend time with them a good bit outside.
As a working dog, they have energy and stamina galore.
They aren’t a great dog if you are a couch potato
If you love to jog though, they will eagerly help you out the door.
At the end of a long, hard day, an Airedale is like a furry, excited rainbow.

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Akita’s come from the beautiful, snowy regions of the northern mountains of Japan.
They are not small, not by anyone’s account, nor are they overly large.
Known to be of the Spitz breed, and they certainly look the part,
They look like the kind of dog who is more often than not in charge.

With an extremely friendly face and a cute curl to their tail,
Akitas look like the kind of dog that would love to play.
Their short, thick fur is similar to a husky’s, which is also misleading,
Because these dogs are not the kind who enjoys most company over the day.

They have little love for people they do not know and aren’t known to beg.
The Akita lacks many of the behaviors you expect of a family dog.
If you like to host parties and have strangers in your house,
The Akita won’t be happy, like a werewolf in a fog.

However, in terms of loyalty, you really can’t find a better breed.
This loving breed nearly died out during the 20th century so rife with war,
But the loyalty of one brought them back from the brink.
And in terms of loving their people, unconditional love is in their repertoire.

They don’t care for other dogs, and aren’t fond of sharing.
With you and your kids, they are very open and caring.
It’s the kind of dichotomy you find in people where they love only those they know
And shun those they know nothing about, perhaps that is why their families love them so.

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Bassets – Short, Stout, and Loveable

When you see a Basset Hound you will think the dog is sad.
The ears hang down and the eyes are drooped,
With jowls that sag, like a sobbing cry the poor Bassets had.
When you pass this breed it’s nearly impossible not to be stopped
By your desire to put a smile on the dog’s face.
All you need is a look at the tail and your feeling will be swapped
Because Basset Hounds are just as happy as any other pup
Which you can tell as the tail goes flip flop.

They are like the hobbits of dogs, happy and contented as can be.
They love pretty much everyone and everything that they see.
Though they are short, they are rather large and long.
All a Basset Hound needs to do is stop to sniff rather carefree
And you will be nervous that soon she’ll be tripping on her ears.
To see them run is quite a sight for the family
With skin, jowls, and ears flapping all about
No Basset is known for being very speedy.

Yet they are the perfect dog for any age group
Because they are low key and happy, despite how they look.
If you are looking for protection, they aren’t known for attacking,
But their booming voice leaves would-be thieves running after their knees have shook.
Daily strolls are the height of their day, and they love meeting people or dogs.
At your feet they will rest as you sit and read a book.
When it comes to families and companions, Bassets are always a great choice.
Thinking them sad, well their tails will help you see past that hook.

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Beagles – Best Friend Indeed

Beagles have long been one of the most popular dogs in the world.
Friendly and energetic, they are quite entertaining to watch.
They have brown spots atop their short-haired coats.
Get them too excited and you’ll see them dance and twirl.

They are small which means they fit well into any home
Similar in color to the Bassett Hound, they look so much happier
Not at all like they are depressed or unloved
Unless you are forced to call them in a very firm tone.

Though they are little, these pups are quite tough.
They have been a part of hunting packs for a very long time
But to interact with one it’s hard to imagine they would attack anything at all.
Their barks are bit out of place, somewhat low oddly enough.

The most well-known Beagle was probably Snoopy,
But they have had places on so many different shows
And in books you will find they appear often as a friend and guide.
They are the best when a person’s spirits are droopy.

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Borzoi – Beauty and Grace

A rather rare breed, the Borzoi looks much like a mix of an afghan and greyhound.
With fur much shorter compared to the first, it is more than four times longer than the second.
When they are running, the fur helps to muffle some of the sound.

Tall and elegant, the Borzoi by all accounts has a very regal appearance.
Unlike the others, the Borzoi is actually rather intelligent, not just about speed.
It can be trained to do more than just run off into the distance.

They are very obedient and can be taught to protect, although they really aren’t the best choice.
Hounds are great at one or two things, but they prefer to have their own plans.
As long as you want them to do what they love, they will always listen to your voice.

You do have to prove yourself to this dog before she will obey.
If it seems like you don’t have the authority or firmness to take the lead,
A Borzoi will believe that ignoring you is perfectly ok.

They require a good bit of grooming, though not as much as you may suspect
Because this dog is more like a cat in that she loves to be clean.
Still, a dog can only do so much, so their longer fur you should not neglect.

It is best to socialize them when young, or plan to keep them away from smaller creatures.
The need to chase is strong and they won’t understand that it’s wrong.
But if you want a dog that is noble and that loves you, the Borzoi’s perfect in temperament and features.

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Boxers – Bold, Brave, and Beautiful

The name of this breed says nearly all that is needed.
A boxer looks very much like a large friendly box.
From the head that’s so square to the body that’s geometrically slender,
Boxers appear to be extremely dignified indeed.
It takes but one interaction to see that they for food or for fun they will plead.

Apart from their shape, there are actually many different types.
One of their best loved features is how much they love to play
And as working dogs, they have energy to spare.
Take out a rope and move it back and forth in a few swipes
And the boxer will happily join you, no question or gripes.

They are rather large, but don’t let that fool you at all.
For boxers are among some of the smartest of dogs.
They were among the first to be used in policing because they are easy to train,
And when they sense danger to their loved ones they are scary when they stand tall.
In determination and bravery, they have amazing wherewithal.

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Bulldogs – Brave Pups You Learn to Adore

One of the most popular dogs for any sports team, the bulldog looks really quite mean.
With a squarish head and a wrinkled, old-looking face, the look similar to grumpy old men.
Their eyes are beady, and their teeth may stick out under their nose like a snarl
And they look like football players, with their stout muscular frames
And that is why they are often used as the mascot of many games.

But the truth about bulldogs is that they are actually a wonderful family dog.
They are loyal to a fault and aren’t usually too bright.
They want little more than to spend time doing whatever with you
And playtime is one of the best things to their doggie mind
Which is why they will chase their tail or that nub on their behind.

There are two common types, the English and American
And they look quite different, with the English bulldog giving a bit more of a scare
Because they tend to have the teeth protruding just under their pushed in nose.
But their adorable tails curl in and look like a stuffed animal’s in the end.
Just a little bit of play time and into laughing fits you will descend.

Even better than that, they have the stereotypical triangular doggie ears.
Give them a call and watch how those ears perk right up,
Creating two little caverns on the tops of their head,
Their eyes open wide watching you as call out their name.
A tilt of the head and they know it’s time to play your game.

They can be protective, and their reputation is not an entire fabrication,
So you have to train them well and with love so that they understand when they’re too rough,
But with the right amount of care, it’s a true labor of love
Because a bulldog is faithful and protective of those in its pack
If you take care of your bulldog, that bulldog will always have your back.

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Chihuahua – A Tiny Bundle to Tend

These little creatures inspire emotions at either extreme.
They are tiny and their hair can look almost like it’s not there.
A Chihuahua will always fit in a book bag
They look less like dogs, and are often compared to rats,
And as often as not, they are too afraid to take on any cats.

What most people love is that they do not get big,
And if you want a lap dog, you have nearly the perfect one here.
Incredibly affectionate, they can be brave with the unseen.
Put them on one side of the door and they will bark at the slightest noise
And potential break-ins, this is the perfect defense to employ.

They are like an eternal baby that needs constant love and adoration.
They will let you know that you are the center of their world
And will be right there beside you on the floor or the couch.
They hate to be left behind, and so they’ve learned to adapt
Watching their little legs go, you’ll be hypnotized, rapt.

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Chinese Crested Dog – A Small Near Furless Playmate

These dogs are truly unique, which you know at a glance.
With only the right shape to let you know they’re a dog,
The Chinese crested dog looks like it’s been shaven quite clean
And perhaps that is why they look so silly and lean.
If you’ve a small home, this girl you should give a chance.

While they require exercise and attention, crested is a small breed
Which means you can play with her inside to tire her out.
If you live in a place where it rains often or is cold
This is great news as on the idea of going out she cannot be sold.
Of course there are also these little pups to feed.

With hair on their heads and a bit around their feet,
The final fuzz runs along on her tail.
The rest of the dog is usually as bald as can be
Which is why she seems strange when one you first see.
It becomes clear when one’s had too much to eat.

Play with her vigorously to keep her happy and tame,
That way you don’t have to take her out
To suffer in the cold or the rain.
With fuzzy heads that look like a mane,
It’s easy to love these bald babes all the same.

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