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Christmas – Day 12

The last day of Christmas, day number twelve

We know where we’re going, but there is a surprise at the door

The world is blanketed in white, as if to foreshadow what is in store.

We get in the car delighted within ourselves.


First to the park, we slowly walk to the gate

I take pictures of the beautifully white field

Annoying my dog who does not want to yield.

Then we are in, and now my dog feels great.


As he runs around rolling about in the snow

His friends start to arrive each as excited by the surprise

You can see how eager they are in their eyes.

Then again it was something I already know.


All of the humans huddle to the side

Laughing as they dogs play

And wanting to stay the whole day

So we take the cold in stride.


Twelve dogs having the time of their lives;

Twelve dogs reminding us from whence happiness derives.

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Christmas – Day 11

The eleventh day of Christmas arrives without ceremony.

I take on the morning chores and it slips into afternoon

Suddenly I realize it will be sunset soon.

We rush to the car and head to the park with one certainty.


He is the last to arrive of all the dogs who have been coming of late.

He is anxious and antsy as I try to park

He rushes me with his whimpering, whining, then finally a bark.

He pulls and he tugs until finally we reach the gate.


Unleashed he is surrounded by all of his friends.

This latest arrival gets them hyper and anxious to play

And I’m glad that we came instead of skipping for the day.

This time at the park is something on which he’s come to depend.


After the initial greeting the dogs seem almost sedated.

Like old friends meeting up they just like having each other close by

The rules of engagement do not always apply.

Then the time arrives that my dog most of all hated.


Eleven dogs wagging their tails in farewell.

Eleven dogs departing for home on the day to dwell.

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Christmas – Day 10

The tenth day of Christmas and my dog has high expectations.

I grab a quick lunch while we are out on the road

It’s been busy and I think with longing for our abode.

But to the park where I will adopt other concentrations.


We are the first there, but not for very long.

The husky, greyhounds, and bulldog are right behind

Then the dachshunds, a Doberman, and Dalmatian soon find

Their way to the gate, now they are ten dogs strong.


Now it is time to get down to brass tax

And they all take off in a full fuzzy fury

Greyhounds out front, the dachshunds last as they scurry.

In the end it is a like a massive doggie attack.


A hurricane of fur trying to take it all in

And all of us laugh as they fall into disarray.

Well for this kind of chaos that is the price they will pay.

Coming together they decide to begin again.


Ten dogs not quite sure how to contain all of the glee.

Ten dogs who are all a sheer joy to see.

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Christmas – Day 9

The ninth day of Christmas and I decide to sleep in.

By the sound of his snores I know my dog can agree

Today is about being entirely lazy

And after all that we’ve done it’s the best way to begin.


When we finally rouse ourselves we decide to go out.

Instead of a walk I hope to find lots of dogs at the park.

Let them tire him out while I watch from the sides like a lark.

We’re both please to see there are five dogs about.


He heads over as three more dogs arrive at the scene.

It’s really quite wonderful to watch as they join up to meet

Watching the interaction, I decide to take a seat

I laugh as they appear to break up into teams.


Each little group has a different task to do

Some went off to sniff and claim new grounds

Others were distracted by other doggie sounds.

And I was left in my daydreams to stew.


Nine dogs enjoying a lazy day to the fullest extent;

Nine dogs at the park all with the same happy intent.

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Christmas – Day 8

The eighth day of Christmas if full of errands and chores.

I think perhaps we won’t make it out so late in the day

So I decide that for once we will stay.

That’s when I’m corrected as my dog ceases to snore.


The sun is sinking as we get to the gate

And I am surprised that there are already seven dog at play

So mine takes off without delay

His play confirming that today is also great.


Many of the dogs that we have seen there have returned

So it is more of a welcoming home

As if my dog was a prodigal who went out to roam

And is now welcomed back as if the others have yearned.


I join the people as we watch the dogs divide into teams

Hanging out with the others with similar tastes

Then it is clear there is no time to waste.

They go to their “work” with enthusiasm it seems.


Eight dogs enjoying the end of the day.

Eight dogs don’t worry about having the right thing to say.

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Christmas – Day 7

The seventh day of Christmas and I know we won’t stop.

Groggy I roll out of bed and into some clothes

I reach for my shoes and come face to face with my boy’s nose.

Laughing I leash him unable to deny this four-legged park cop.


To my surprise there are already a number of dogs there.

Mine makes the fifth and he takes off with reckless abandon

A testament to the effect of a day graced with a wintery sun

I lean back and watch with a mindless stare.


Two more dogs arrive, bringing the total to seven.

The other dogs greet them with all the care in the world

Two little dogs wagging their cute little dogs that are curled,

Watching them you’d think it was little doggie heaven.


An assortment of games breaks out at that point

I guess it’s too much to keep the attention of all

They are so different, some tall and some small

Aged different, and breed, but none are there to disappoint.


Seven dogs playing at different games.

Seven dogs letting us know at time to go that it is a real shame.

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Christmas – Day 6

The sixth day of Christmas I’m not feeling so well.

There’s no way I’ll be able to take him out for a walk

I’m losing my voice so I can barely talk.

But he’s a dog he reads intentions and it’s an easy sell.


Guilty that he will not get a walk, I bundle up and we go

Fortunately it’s warmer today so we arrive in the afternoon

Fortunately for me today’s trip is most opportune

As five dogs romp out on the field doing what they do.


My dog takes off joining a husky, bulldog, two chows, and a mutt,

But only we humans pay attention to the breed

To the dogs is all about sowing excitement and a friendly seed.

Perhaps they are wiser though less articulate.


Our time there is short, but it is more than enough.

My dog receives no downtime upon reaching the guys

It’s all about chasing, and they flee for the skies.

I shake my head and wish life was always this rough.


Six dogs playing a game in unseasonable warm.

Six dogs stirring up a massive dust storm.

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Christmas – Day 5

On the fifth day of Christmas my dog has too much energy.

I grab breakfast and we head out the door

He can barely contain himself as he catches the odor.

The door opens and he takes off as I calmly walk with my tea.


The two greyhounds are back again for another round.

There are also a bulldog and a cocker spaniel.

I rile them up with a whoop and a yell

Then we four owners watch them like a merry-go-round.


Standing on the sides we enjoy a little chat

And watch as the dogs get along quite well

It’s nice to sit back and relax for a spell

And let the dogs play at being diplomats.


Of course there is a bit of mud that finally catches their eye.

Deep in discussions we miss their initial reaction

Had we seen we would have allowed this distraction.

Too late we seem them mud covered and we collect them with a sigh.


Five dogs out to have a really good and muddy time.

Five dogs acting the age old traditional pantomime.

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Christmas – Day 4

The fourth day of Christmas is a little rainy, a little wet

But this does not appear to be a point for concern

That is the diagnosis that my dog can discern.

With that attitude he is now set.


I finally give in and we head to the park

Where three Dachshunds are romping

That is my dog’s hint to go stomping

Into the area like a school of small fish and a great white shark.


Today’s play is a little tamer than the previous two.

The four dogs mostly feel happy to just sniff

Perhaps because the rain makes my boy feel stiff.

I’m glad to see they can interact without much ado.


There is mud that would normally be such a lovely attraction

To my boy but with these guys he’s more careful

And all three move around quite cheerful

In the presence of each other, it’s the perfect distraction.


Four dogs playing peacefully for a bit

Four dogs pleased to be together and sit.

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Christmas – Day 3

The third day of Christmas announces it has arrived

I take my dog out to run some errands at noon

Bouncing with excitement, he knows what is coming soon

So it is then our next stop I decide.


Pulling up to the park there are two dogs on the run

Jumping and chasing in a game of wagging tails

Proudly hoisted like a boat at full sail

And my dog joins in the game in the waning sun.


His two playmates today are newly retired greyhounds.

Although my poor boy has not a chance

He still joins the joyful dance

Where all canines are welcome to feel the excitement around.


My dog is most interested in the odd way the dogs go.

At the hint of something different they start to twirl

Then across the field they now themselves hurl.

It’s a great game of which my boy did not know.


Three dogs run at a chaotic pace

Three dogs come back a tired smile on their face.

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